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    What is THCP?

    What is THCP?

    The THCP Story

    THCP or Tetrahydrocannabiphorol is found naturally in cannabis plants but in very low concentrations, far lower than conventional delta 9 THC, which is the common cannabinoid found in marijuana known to get people high.

    THCP was discovered in 2019 by researchers analyzing a particular strain of marijuana. What they determined was that this new compound bonded to the body’s CB1 receptors – those that cause you to get high – far more efficiently than other cannabinoids, including THC.

    In fact, it was found that THCP bonds with CB1 receptors 33 times more often than traditional THC! Theoretically, this would indicate THCP could be up to 33 time stronger than conventional delta 9 THC. Wow!

    Basically, THCP has two extra carbon atoms that facilitate the bonding with CB1 receptors. There’s more science to it than this, but in a nutshell, the slight difference in atomic structure leads to a huge difference in how the body’s endocannabinoid system reacts to THCP.

    The catch, however, is that THCP is found in such low quantities that for it to have any viable use it must be generated in a lab by manipulating CBD extracted from the hemp plant. Scientifically speaking, this is not all that difficult of a process and the potential benefits of THCP are well worth the effort. Thus, THCP is turning heads throughout the industry.

    Is THCP Stronger Than Delta 8 and Delta 9? 

    Unless you’ve been living in a cannabinoid closet, you’ve probably heard at least something about THCP. If you haven’t, this post will hopefully let you in on the secret. THCP is a relatively new player among cannabinoids available in edibles, flower, carts, and disposable vapes, and is being heralded by THC fans across America for its potency.

    Is THCP really 33x stronger than THC?

    The truth is users can expect their reactions to THCP to be considerably stronger than they are with other cannabinoids like delta 8 and delta 9 THC. Will it be 33 times stronger? Probably not. There is likely a threshold in terms of effect when it comes to cannabinoids, so 33 times stronger is not likely to be the case.

    But THCP is stronger! It could be a lot stronger. In fact, some people report reactions that are almost on a psychedelic level with THCP that include heightened perceptions of sound and colors. So, it’s important to use caution when trying it out – especially for the first time. In general, the effects themselves are analogous to delta 9 THC but more intense and include:

    • Sense of euphoria
    • Feelings of relaxation or calmness
    • Reduction in anxiety level
    • Increase in appetite

    Wellness and THCP

    The wellness benefits of THC have been touted by the cannabis community for a long time now. These include the ability to aid with chronic pain management, helping people suffering from anxiety and depression, promoting healthy sleep patterns, easing nausea and more. While more studies need to be done on this relatively new cannabinoid, there is reason to believe the higher potency found in THCP could be very beneficial for those suffering from these conditions.

    The Legalities of it All

    The big question with every cannabinoid is – is it legal? According to the Farm Bill of 2018, because THCP contains less than 0.3% of delta 9 THC, it should be legal on a federal level. Yep, even though it is stronger than THC, THCP very well might be legal in your state. That’s the key – your state. Many states have adopted their own regulations regarding cannabinoid use, so legalities differ across the nation. Check with your state to see what’s up in your neck of the woods.

    Where Can I Buy THCP?

    The first question users should ask themselves is, “Should I try THCP?”. This is a strong cannabinoid and it’s not for everyone. For example, THCP is probably not the best recommendation for newcomers to the cannabis party.

    However, for those who believe it can help them achieve a desired high or health benefit, THCP products should always be purchased from a reputable smoke shop, vape shop, or distributor. Better safe, than sorry.

    In terms of products, there are many different options on the market, and more are sure to follow soon. A few can’t-miss choices include Butter OG’s Premium Blend, a disposable vape that bends different cannabinoids, including THCP. For pure THCP, Moon Men THCP Greenhouse Flower is a fan favorite.


    THCP is bringing a whole new range of possibilities to the cannabis community. More options are always a good thing. Just remember that this is a potent cannabinoid, and while it may have the effects people are looking for, it’s also important to use it responsibly. Too much THCP can have negative consequences, including feelings of paranoia, dry mouth, and anxiety. It’s always a smart idea to start small and increase gradually. In fact, this is the best way to get the most out of THCP or any cannabinoid.


    We hope you found this post informative and insightful. Stay tuned for more posts from Online Warehouse coming soon.

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