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    Vaping Etiquette: A Guide to Vaping in Public

    Vaping Etiquette: A Guide to Vaping in Public

    How to be a Mindful Vaper: 7 Great Tips on Vaping Consciously

    Vaping continues to gain popularity. But the reality is that many people who’ve picked up a disposable vape or are using one to help quit cigarettes aren’t quite sure what proper vaping etiquette looks like. It can be a little confusing since disposable vapes don’t increase the public’s risk of inhaling second-hand smoke like cigarettes and cigars do, plus vapor doesn’t emit that overpowering tobacco smell.

    Still, when sharing space with your fellow humans, as a vape user there are some considerations you should make in the name of proper etiquette and, quite frankly, just being a considerate and mindful person. In this post, we’ll share 7 dos and don’ts when it comes to puffing on your favorite disposable vape. We hope they help you enjoy vaping respectfully and mindfully.

    1. Be aware when children are present

    We understand that vaping is not the same as smoking and there is very little risk, if any, to a child who is around a person vaping. So what! Parents have every right to not want their children exposed to vapor and the nicotine in it. If you’re in an area with a lot of kids, don’t hit your disposable vape. Find a corner or a secluded space where you can do it discreetly and out of the way. Even if you are with just a few kids, never blow your vapor in the direction of a child. As a rule, it’s best to avoid vaping around children.

    1. Food and vaping is bad form

    Most restaurants don’t allow vaping, which is a good thing. But what about those curbside cafes and outdoor eateries? What about parks where people are picnicking? Look, it’s rude to vape when people are eating nearby unless you are in your own private backyard or personal space. Just because vaping doesn’t bother you during a meal doesn’t mean the rest of us are cool with it. If you’re having a disposable vape craving you just can’t resist, step outside or away from those eating. A little respect goes a long way to mindful vaping.

    1. Don’t blow vapor on your neighbors

    This one is all about respecting personal space. If you’re an experienced vapor, you know those clouds can get big and unruly. So, don’t blow vapor in the direction of other people. If you’re in a particularly tight space, such as waiting in a long line at the store or walking down a crowded street, don’t take a big hit and let it rip. You can try little micro hits that don’t release as much vapor. Better yet, step aside or wait until your free from the crowd before taking that monster hit off your disposable vape.

    1. Vaping and the workplace

    If you work in an office environment, most are smoke and vape-free these days. But even if yours isn’t, it’s probably a smart idea to step outside for a quick vape break rather than puffing indoors. It shows you have respect for your coworkers and the space you all share. Here’s another big office no-no! Don’t vape while on a ZOOM meeting. Video conferencing has become a great way to do business. What’s not so great, however, is watching someone blow vapor into their camera while people are trying to conduct an important meeting. C’mon ZOOMs are usually over within an hour. Certainly, you can wait that long to hit your disposable.

    1. Being sneaky sucks

    Fact – if you find yourself trying to discreetly sneak a hit off your disposable at a friend’s house or out in public – then you’re doing the wrong thing. Here’s a good rule of thumb. If you feel like you have to hide that puff, then the situation is probably not appropriate for vaping. Again, be respectful and wait until you have the time and space to vape. Besides, you’ll enjoy those nice big hits a lot more that way.

    1. Always respect your hosts

    Let’s say you go to a party and the host kindly ask that no one smokes or vapes indoors. You might think vaping isn’t the same as smoking, but it’s not your home and you should respect the wishes of your host. Chances are there’s a backyard or a driveway where you can go grab a few hits and then go right back in and join the fun.

    1. When in doubt, ask or wait

    If you’re not sure whether it’s appropriate to hit your disposable vape or mod in a specific situation, go ahead and ask the people around you if they mind. They’ll surely appreciate your consideration, and if they prefer you don’t vape around them, then you’ve just avoided some snarky looks or possibly even a larger confrontation. If you’re not willing or don’t feel comfortable asking but sense it’s probably not cool, then do yourself a favor and wait until you can enjoy vaping in an environment where you feel comfortable.



    We might love it, but vaping isn’t for everyone. As fans of disposable vapes and mods, we need to be considerate of those around us when vaping outside our own personal spaces. Show a little respect and put yourself in the shoes of others and, chances are, you’ll make the right call and be a mindful vaper.

    We hope you found this post helpful. At Online Warehouse, we’re committed to providing vape and smoke shop owners and their customers with updates about disposable vapes, edibles, hemp-based products, and more. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon.


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