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    Wholesale Torches and Lighters

    Firing up a hand-rolled tobacco, a pre-rolled cone or heating up a dab rig to smoke an awesome concentrate all require the right kind of flame. At Online Warehouse, we have a selection of torches and lighters that are perfect for whatever your customers are smoking and however, they choose to smoke it, including super-popular refillable butane torches from Blazer torch.

    When you order bulk torches and wholesale lighters from Online Warehouse, we guarantee our best possible prices, which means your smoke shop enjoys higher margins, while also providing customers with the finest products available on the market today. Give us a try today. You’ll be glad you did.

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    Wulf Vector Clash Black-White Spatter

    Wulf Mods Vector Clash Torch

    The Wulf Mods Clash Torch is a portable torch that is extremely user-friendly. It comes with an ignition button, a flame height adjuster, and a flame lock button. This powerful torch is capable of blasting over 2800°F and has a customizable height adjustment to quickly produce lower or higher temperature clouds as per your preference.
    Blazer Big Buddy Butane Refillable Turbo Torch - Black

    Blazer Big Buddy Butane Refillable Turbo Torch

    The Blazer Big Buddy Butane Refillable Turbo Torch is the latest in Blazer's dual-use torch line. Featuring up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, a 2500°F Turbo flame, and a heat-resistant nozzle, this torch is ideal for industrial and retail hand tool use. Enjoy hands-free work with its detachable base and lightweight, portable design, and depend on Blazer's high-quality manufacturing and attractive finish. Must be filled with butane (sold separately).
    Dunder Splifflin Clipper Lighters - Pack of 48
    Wulf Vector Warhead-Full Color

    Wulf Mods Vector Warhead Torch

    The Wulf Mods Warhead is an exceptional torch designed for experienced dabbers. It has a powerful flame, customizable height adjuster, and ignition hold switch for easy operation. It measures 7.9 inches in height and 4.7 inches in width, making it easy to carry. The torch is available in 9 different colors and designs.
    Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000 - Black & Blue

    Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000

    Experience maximum versatility with the Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000. With a powerful 2500F wind-resistant flame, adjustable torch head, and large refillable tank, you can count on reliable heating and soldering performance every time. Perfect for both industrial and home use, try this torch for HVAC work, culinary tasks, or outdoor leisure.
    Blazer Firefox Butane Refillable Mini Torch - Black

    Blazer Firefox Butane Refillable Mini Torch

    The Blazer Firefox Butane Refillable Mini Torch is a powerful tool that offers a long-lasting 20 minute burn time and an adjustable flame that reaches up to 2500°F. Crafted with Blazer's renowned craftsmanship, its intuitive child-resistant mechanism makes it a safe choice for all users. This mini torch is the perfect size for conveniently packing all the power of a full-sized torch.
    Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 Butane Torch - Black

    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 Butane Torch

    The Blazer GT8000 Big Shot butane torch is a gas torch featuring a brass frame nozzle and attachable base. Designed for detailed activities such as brazing, plumbing, soldering, jewelry making, and dental and lab applications, it emits a precise flame from the nozzle head, enabling accurate heat application to an object.
    $40.00 $38.00
    Clickit Playing Cards Torch Lighter
    Click it Middle Finger Torch Lighter
    Clickit Gold Bar Lighter

    Clickit Gold Bar Lighter - Display of 20

    Clickit Casino Chips Lighter
    Clickit Pistol Double Torch Lighter
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