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    Top 10 Lost Mary Vape Flavors

    Top 10 Lost Mary Vape Flavors

    10 Awesome Lost Mary flavors you should try!

    Lost Mary is known for its many flavors. Here are some of our all-time favorites.

    If there’s a disposable vape brand that both embodies and embraces the free-spirited attitude that so many vapers appreciate, it’s Lost Mary.

    Lost Mary disposable vapes are all about making the most of each day, each moment, and even each delicious puff. A big part of the Lost Mary fanfare is experiencing the incredible variety of flavors the brand offers. There are more than you can imagine, and they range from the wonderfully sweet to the dramatically cool to the deliciously fruity, which tend to be great choices for those just breaking into vaping.

    There’s arguably not a bad Lost Mary disposable vape flavor on the entire list, which is a big reason they are so popular among vape and smoke shop customers. Not to mention that these disposables are easy to carry, fit like a glove in the hand, and come in three great styles – The sleek Lost Mary MO5000 vape, the best-selling Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape, and the ultra-luxe Lost Mary OS5000 Luster Disposable Vape.

    Even so, there are some standout flavors (based on our expert tasting panel’s humble opinions) that we think are worth highlighting. Take any of these recommendations for a test drive and you’re in for great-tasting, long-lasting disposable vape enjoyment.

    So, without further ado, here are 10 Lost Mary Vape flavors you owe it to yourself to try.

    Top 10 Lost Mary Vape Flavors

    1. Blue Cotton Candy

    It’s only fair to warn you that this flavor packs a wallop of sugary sweetness, but what else would you expect with “cotton candy” in the name. Imagine puffing your way through blueberry infused carnival and you just might come close to imagining this Lost Mary flavor available in the OS5000 disposable.

    1. Strawberry Pina Colada

    Leave the world behind and allow your mind to jet away to a tranquil Caribbean Island with every breezy puff of this tropical vape cocktail. Strawberries, mangoes, and perfect island vibes unite for a fruity and refreshing burst of deliciousness. Get it in the Lost Mary OS5000.

    1. Spearmint

    You can’t go wrong with this classic flavor that tastes and feels like you popped a piece of spearmint gum into your mouth. Get ready for a cool and refreshing puff with just the right amount of sweetness to keep you coming back. Available in the Lost Mary OS5000.

    1. Blue Razz Ice

    This is our first favorite flavor that’s exclusive to the Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape. A tantalizing blend of blueberry and raspberry flavors with a cool blast of menthol thrown in for a brisk finish, this one is a must for any fan of berry flavors.

    1. Acai Berry Storm Ice

    This is a far-out flavor, so it only makes sense that it’s available on the ultra-cool Lost Mary OS5000 Luster disposable vape. With Acai Berry Storm Ice, you get the tartness of acai berries blended with cooling menthol for an exhilarating rush – puff after flavorful puff.

    1. Watermelon

    Sometimes simpler is better and that’s certainly the case with Lost Mary’s watermelon flavor. You can’t go wrong adding a zesty blast of melon freshness to your nicotine vapor, and this watermelon winner lingers on the exhale for an unbeatable taste sensation. Get yours in the Lost Mary OS5000. You can also try cool Watermelon Ice available in the MO5000 disposable.

    1. Juicy Peach

    Ever been to Georgia? If you have, this peachy powerhouse will take you right back. If not, you’re in for the tantalizing flavor of fresh peaches picked right off the tree (not really but it sure tastes that way!). Available in the Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape.

    1. Grape Jelly

    Remember that yummy grape jelly you used to love when you were a kid? Or maybe you still love it? Now it’s available in a Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape. This one is for anyone and everyone who wants to get their grape on!

    1. Cherry Lemon

    This is another fan favorite available in the Lost Mary MO5000 disposable. Here’s what makes this a top pick – sweet meets sour. First, you’re hit with the sweet cherry flavor and then it’s quickly followed up by a sour boost of lemon. It’s the best of both worlds in a single disposable vape.

    1. Banana Duo Ice

    We’ll conclude our list by going bananas over this flavor available in the classic Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape. If you’re a fan of banana pudding, banana shakes, banana anything – you gotta try this the Lost Mary flavor. A blend of creamy banana spiked with a rush of frozen menthol; this is a wild ride your tastebuds won’t forget.

    The Delicious Conclusion

    Is there really a G.O.A.T. when it comes to Lost Mary vape flavors? Yeah, it’s whichever one you love the most. The fun part is finding it! Try a variety of Lost Mary vapes available at your favorite smoke or vape shop. If you’re a shop owner, Online Warehouse is your priced-right source for the most popular Lost Mary disposables. We’ll keep your shop well-stocked, and we’ll earn your business every day. Give us a try.


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