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    The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Auto-Firing Vape: Tips and Tricks

    The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Your Auto-Firing Vape: Tips and Tricks

    Disposable Vape Auto Firing: What Causes It and How to Prevent It

    The convenience, affordability, and ease of disposable vapes have helped these one-and-done devices take the vape world by storm, and the vast majority of disposables, when purchased from a reputable smoke or vape shop, are entirely problem-free.

    In rare instances, however, disposables can auto-fire, a term used to describe when a vape goes off without the user doing anything to activate it. This can be embarrassing when suddenly a purse is full of a flavorful puff, or a user is somewhere that vaping isn’t allowed and, without warning, is surrounded by a cloud of Strawberry Kiwi vapor.

    But auto firing isn’t just an inconvenient waste of nicotine e-juice; it can be dangerous. Auto-firing can singe clothes or anything else the vape is in contact with when the incident occurs. It can also cause the battery to overheat, increasing the chance of an explosive incident that causes an accidental fire.

    While uncommon, auto-firing is serious, and there are steps you can take to avoid it.

    What Causes a Disposable Vape to Auto-Fire?

    Most of the reasons a disposable vape might auto-fire have nothing to do with pilot error. In other words, you probably couldn’t have avoided the problem. They include:

    A Defective Battery

    A malfunctioning battery can cause a disposable vape to auto-fire. Vape batteries contain what is called a chipset that acts as the brains of the device. When operating correctly, the chipset controls power, temperature, and output. These units rarely go wrong, but it does happen, sometimes due to the disposable vape being dropped or accidentally submerged in water. Whatever the reason, a damaged battery can cause the unit to fire even when not activated.

    E-liquid Leaks into Battery

    If a disposable vape is left lying on its side too long or too often, it can cause the juice inside the device to seep into the battery area. This will damage the battery and can lead to an auto-firing incident. To avoid this problem, stand disposable vapes upright when not in use. Never store vapes lying on their side.

    Stuck Firing Button

    This is no longer a problem for most disposable vapes. Today’s most popular devices tend to have draw-activated firing mechanisms, like the Lost Mary MO5000 and the iconic EBCreate BC5000. However, some vapes still use a button to activate, and sometimes, these buttons can get stuck or jammed, resulting in continuous firing. Often, this can be remedied with a simple tap on the button or by gently shaking the device. If that doesn’t work, it’s time to ditch the disposable.


    Overheating can lead to malfunctions like most battery-operated devices (cell phones and tablets). In the case of disposable vapes, this can include auto firing. To avoid the problem, consider your disposable like you do that precious smartphone. Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight; always store it in a cool and dry place. FYI, extreme cold can also cause disposable vapes to malfunction, so if you’re skiing or enjoying some wintertime fun, keep your disposable vape tucked away in your jacket or stored somewhere at room temperature. Don’t leave it in a cold car!

    You’ve Got a Lemon

    Sometimes, the cause of auto firing is just bad luck, and you may have inadvertently picked up a defective disposable. While uncommon from the most reputable disposable vape manufacturers, such as Lost Mary, EB Design, Fume, HQD, and others, manufacturer defects can happen. But this is far more likely with an inferior or counterfeit product. Unfortunately, there are plenty of these inferior disposables out there. That’s why we recommend purchasing vapes exclusively from reputable smoke and vape shops like Online Warehouse, which is proud to serve as a wholesaler of vetted, quality disposable vape brands.

    What Should I Do About Auto Firing?

    You’ll find tips on how to fix a disposable vape that’s auto firing online, including messing with the contact points and examining the battery. But if you ask reputable manufacturers, like EBCreate, (formerly known as Elf Bar and EB Design) they’re pretty clear about breaking down and messing with their disposable vapes – don’t do it!

    Disposable vapes are designed to be simple devices, but they are pretty complex inside and should not be opened up and tinkered with by anyone but an expert. Besides, do you want to stick with a device already proven to be a suspect? Maybe a stuck firing button can be quickly unstuck. But most of the reasons a vape auto fires are things you shouldn’t try to fix. At Online Warehouse, we recommend stopping using the device immediately and moving on to a new one to ensure your safety.

    The reality is the chances of experiencing an auto firing incident are rare when you purchase quality disposable vapes from a licensed and authorized smoke or vape shop. The reputation of these shops is built on excellent service and products, and they have your best interests at heart.

    If you are a smoke or vape shop interested in bringing your customers the highest quality disposable vapes and hemp-based products, give Online Warehouse a try. We provide wholesale pricing on the finest products in the industry and will work to earn your business every day.


    We hope you found this post helpful. Check back for more topics coming soon. At Online Warehouse, we’re committed to keeping vape and smoke shop owners and their customers informed with regular updates about disposable vapes, hemp-based vapes, edibles, flower, pre-rolled joints, and other products.

    Online Warehouse is a wholesale vape distributor offering a complete selection of disposable vapes, delta 8 vapes and edibles, THC vapes, rolling papers, pre-roll cones, and smoke and vape shop accessories. Enjoy excellent service, guaranteed quality, and wholesale prices with every smoke or vape shop order. To explore our entire selection, visit onlinewarehouse.com.

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