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    THC Edibles vs Vapes: Which is better for you?

    THC Edibles vs Vapes: Which is better for you?

    Vaping or Edibles? Which one is the best choice for you?

    Let’s start with the fantastic realization that we’re finally at a point in our American history when the emotional and medical benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids like THC and CBD are widely acknowledged and becoming more and more universally accepted. The fact that we can realistically discuss having a choice to purchase THC edibles or a THC disposable vape is an amazing milestone.

    These days, THC is being used by many to relax and unwind after a grueling day at work. Some use it to help alleviate anxiety. Others count on THC to help them cope with chronic pain and inflammation. The point is, THC is important to the wellbeing of so many individuals. But what’s the best way to enjoy it? We all know that traditionally THC was gleaned through smoking marijuana. Recently, however, more users have switched over to THC edibles and disposable vapes. Which is better? Let’s find out.

    THC Disposable Vapes

    THC disposable vapes are devices that contain e-liquid or “e-juice” that is infused with a certain amount of THC, often along with other cannabinoids. Vapes work by heating the e-liquid and turning it into vapor that can be inhaled without the uncomfortable throat burn or many of the health hazards associated with conventional combustion “weed” smoking.

    THC Edibles

    THC edibles come in a variety of different forms. There are d9 gummies, cookies, chocolates, even juices that contain THC. But the most popular “weed” edibles are gummies – chewable and flavorful treats that are infused with a highly specific amount of THC. There are also gummies for other popular cannabinoids, including CBD, THCP, D10 and more.

    The Benefits of THC Vapes and Edibles

    Here’s the good news – the wellness benefits tend to be the same whether puffing on a disposable vape or chewing a THC gummy. Whether a person relies on cannabinoids for a calming sense of euphoria, a happy high, to aid with insomnia, to reduce anxiety, or to cope with chronic pain, both vaping and edibles are likely to do the trick. Additionally, both disposables and edibles come in exciting flavors that make THC even easier to swallow (or inhale). There are crazy vape flavors like Berry Kush, Double Apple Indica, and Blueberry Muffin, and there are just as many edible flavors, including Tropical Punch, Black Eye Berry, and Cotton Candy.

    Benefits of Disposable Vapes

    There are some ways that a THC disposable vape outdoes a THC edible. First and foremost, disposables act much faster. By inhaling vapor, the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream within minutes (if not sooner) and the impact tends to be more intense than with edibles. Disposables also mimic the sensation of smoking, so for many people accustomed to lighting a blunt, disposables are an easy transition. There’s a comfort in the sensation of inhaling that vaping provides.

    Benefits of THC Edibles

    If there are two big reasons people opt for THC edibles, they are – convenience and control. Edibles allow users to know exactly how much THC they are ingesting, and, therefore, how intense of a reaction they should expect. Additionally, edibles are discreet. They can be chewed or swallowed anywhere, quickly without anyone being the wiser. It’s not all that easy to hide a massive cloud of THC vapor. Speaking of which, with edibles users do not breathe smoke or vapor into their lungs, which is another big plus for many people.

    Vaping or Edibles?

    C’mon you had to see this answer coming! There’s no definitive best when it comes to choosing between disposable vapes and THC edibles. It all depends on what works best for the individual user. For example, someone who is new to cannabinoids might prefer the ease and control of edibles, while a person more experienced with weed, might go for the instant intensity of a disposable vape.

    The cool thing is that today we have so many more options for cannabinoids than in years past. Plus, there are more reputable brands and manufacturers in the marketplace than ever before, making vape and smoke shops places where we, as consenting adults, can feel confident in our cannabinoid purchases.

    We hope you enjoyed this post. Check back for more coming soon. At Online Warehouse, we’re committed to keeping you informed with the latest about disposable vapes, hemp-based vapes, edibles, flower, pre-rolled joints, and other vape and smoke shop topics.


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