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    Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Review

    Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Review

    A Comprehensive Review of the Lost Mary OS5000 Vape by EBCREATE

    Most vape shop and smoke shop owners will tell you that the Lost Mary OS5000 is one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. There’s got to be a reason, right?

    In this post, we take a look at EBCREATE's (formerly Elf Bar, then EB Design) juggernaut vape and dig into a few of the features and aesthetics that have helped make it so popular. We also examine some OS5000 limitations, which some seasoned vapers may find problematic and even deal breakers.

    Vaping is very personal. One size certainly does not fit all – but here’s a little spoiler alert – the Lost Mary OS5000 is an outstanding disposable vape. If it didn’t deliver, it would not continue to grow in popularity. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking into things a little more closely. So, let’s get to it.

    Lost Mary OS5000 Features

    • Draw activated firing/mesh coil design
    • 13mL pre-filled e-liquid
    • 5% salt nicotine
    • Estimated 5000 puff capacity
    • Rechargeable 650mAh internal battery
    • Type-C USB charging

    Size and Shape

    The OS5000 is 1 ¾” wide by 2 ¾” high by 1” thick with rounded edges. Looks-wise, it’s a classic disposable vape, about the size of a bar of soap, and certainly not as sleek as its Lost Mary counterpart, the MO5000, or any number of discreet designs out there like the Fume ULTRA or HQD Cuvie Plus. You might call the OS5000’s design a little chunky, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most easy-to-grip disposable vapes – perfect for those one-handed hits.

    The vape is made from durable plastic, and the sides are reinforced for those occasional drops. This simple vape features primary colors and type design without too much pizazz. However, you can get a wilder, metallic version if you opt for the Lost Mary OS5000 Luster, which also comes in some unique flavors unavailable in the standard OS5000.

    Let’s give this vape a big thumbs up for gripability (if that’s even a word) and a question mark regarding style. If you’re into old-school, back-to-basics design, you’ll probably love the look of the Lost Mary OS5000.


    This is where the Lost Mary OS5000 shines for many disposable vape fans. First and foremost, the vape is super simple to use. Its draw-activated design means you only need to take a hit to activate the vape. There are no buttons to push or confusing settings to adjust/. The experience is entirely intuitive, just like smoking a cigarette minus all the tar and carcinogens.

    The mouthpiece is a definite winner and is made of the same textured plastic as the other vape. It’s slightly oversized to fit easily between the lips for outstanding mouth-to-lung (MTL) performance. The actual draw is relatively tight, providing an ideal airflow for MTL vapers. Those who are accustomed to direct-to-lung vaping (DTL) might find the airflow a bit too constricting for those deep DTL hits. The OS5000 does not feature an adjustable airflow, so DTL fans cannot loosen the draw for those deeper DTL puffs.

    E-Juice & Coils

    The Lost Mary OS5000 comes pre-filled with 13mL of e-liquid. Certainly, an ample amount to deliver full-flavored puffs for quite an extended period, estimated at 5000 puffs. You don't need refills as this is a disposable vape, but you'll need to recharge the device. Otherwise, the vape will run out of battery life before it runs out of e-juice. The vape’s mesh coils deliver consistent, full-flavored puffs if there is sufficient charge.

    Lost Mary OS5000 Mesh Coil


    The 650mAh battery is powerful enough to fuel the OS5000 and will hold a charge long enough that you should never find yourself rushing about needing an emergency charge when you’re on the go. Plus, it would be best if you didn’t run out of battery life thanks to a significant feature of the OS5000 – an LED display that lets you know how much battery life remains. The battery life indicator on top of the device turns red to blue to green based on how much life is left. Green means 70 -100%. Blue means 29 – 69%. Red means you’re running less than 29% battery life, and it’s time for a charge. The OS500 powers up using a standard USB-Type C port, and the battery indicator will blink, letting you know the device is charging.

    OS5000 Battery

    Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape Flavors

    Let’s be honest. One of the biggest reasons to choose a disposable vape has nothing to do with its components. For many vape fans, it’s all about the flavors, and Lost Mary boasts one of the largest libraries of great-tasting puffs in the disposable vape world, with more than 25 satisfying options. Here are some of the more popular vape and smoke shop choices for the Lost Mary OS5000 disposable vape:

    Banana Duo Ice

    This disposable vape delivers a whopping burst of banana goodness and an icy cool aftershock.

    Blue Cotton Candy

    Vapers with a sweet tooth will love this throwback flavor that takes you back to the days of carnivals and fairs with a sugary cotton candy meets blueberry mash-up.

    Blue Razz Ice

    The flavors of fresh-picked blueberries and raspberries come together in a menthol-accented puff that will blow your mind.

    Juicy Peach

    The disposable takes you to Georgia with an authentic peach flavor that tastes fresh from the orchard.

    Cherry Cola

    This flavor harkens back to the old dime stores and soda fountains, where cherry cola became an American classic.

    Strawberry Piña Colada

    This is one of the top-selling Lost Mary flavors maxed out with coconut goodness and featuring just enough strawberry to take it over the top.


    If you’re looking for a refreshing flavor, this is a great option, thanks to a crisp rush of watermelon that’s not overly sweet and always satisfying.

    The Wrap Up

    As a leading wholesaler serving reputable smoke and vape shops across the United States, Online Warehouse has seen our fair share of disposables come and go. Suffice it to say, The Lost Mary OS5000 continues to be one of our top picks based on the simplicity, reliability, and consistency that this boxy little wonder delivers to customers. We understand how important it is for vape shops and smoke shops to provide the best products and service to customers, and with the Lost Mary OS5000, you can’t go wrong.

    Please explore our complete selection of OS5000 flavors and other great disposable vapes from brands like EBCREATE, Tyson 2.0, Fume, HQD, and many others at Online Warehouse.


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