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    It’s hard not to marvel at hemp and all the amazing products based around the hemp-derived cannabinoid that now legally delivers delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, and powerful THCP to good people around the world who appreciate the benefits these natural wonders bring to the mind and body.

    THC disposable vapes, delta 8 gummies, hemp flower strains, and pre-roll joints all contain cannabinoid properties that have been found to provide substantial wellness benefits in many individuals, including curbing anxiety and reducing inflammation. Some findings even point to the fact that hemp may have cardiovascular and other health benefits.

    At Online Warehouse, we’re proud to bring you the benefits of delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC in whatever form works best for you. Just pick your passion. A puff of pleasure with a THC disposable vape? Delta 8 edibles or delta 9 gummies? Or go for pure hemp flower with a delta-8 pre-roll.  We even offer psilocybin-free edible mushroom gummies from Purple Magic Amanita that pack powerful psychedelic properties.

    THC Disposables

    We’ve got vape fans covered with a selection of delta 8 THC choices from Butter OG and premium THCP vapes from both Butter OG and Torch that deliver maximum potency. We source directly from these leading vape manufacturers, so you know the THC disposables in your shop are top-quality and will bring your customers the very best in potency and performance.

    Edibles/THC gummies

    Rather chew on an edible or THC gummy than light up a blunt? We have a great selection of d8 gummies, delta 9 gummies, and THCP weed gummies to help get your happy on. Be like the champ and chew on a delta 8 or d9 gummy ear from Tyson. Chill out with off-spectrum hemp gummies that taste just like cotton candy. Or go all-in with Full Send Delta 8 Extreme Gummies that pack 100 mg of delta 8 THC per piece. Yeah, that’s a wallop!

    The point is, for customers who prefer to swallow it instead of smoke it, we’ve got the right strengths and strains of THC edibles at Online Warehouse.

    Flower & Pre-Rolls

    What do you like to smoke? Shorties? Blunt wraps? Delta 8 pre-rolls? You’ll find the perfect puff in our online inventory of THC, THCP, and THC-blended products.

    A great place to start is with our selection of Moon Men delta 8 pre-roll joints and THCP greenhouse flower products. Get into your personal state of Zen with indica. Go for a full-on head high with the serotonin boost from sativa. Or find yourself somewhere smiling in-between with a blended d8, THCP, and HCP hybrid strain.

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    Butter OG Delta 8 Disposable Banana Runtz 2G

    Butter OG Delta 8 Live Resin Disposable Vape 2G - Pack of 5

    The Butter OG Live Resin Delta-8 Disposable Vape is an optimal solution for those seeking a practical and easy way to consume Delta-8. Pre-filled with 2 grams (2000mg) of Delta-8 live resin concentrate and natural hemp terpenes, this THC vape device is equipped with a rechargeable battery and a ceramic coil heating element for a seamless vaping experience.
    Butter OG Delta 8 1G Cartridge - Watermelon Gelato

    Butter OG Delta 8 Live Resin Vape Cartridge 1G - Pack of 10

    Discover the Butter OG Delta-8 Live Resin Cartridge, boasting a 1g pre-filled capacity, a live resin concentrate, and an array of premium Delta-8 cannabinoids. Experience a discreet dose of calm and relaxation while enjoying the smooth flavor of Butter OG's strains.
    Butter OG Delta 8 Premium Blend Disposable Vape 2G - Blueberry Muffin

    Butter OG Premium Blend Disposable Vape 2G - Pack of 5

    Introducing Butter OG's Premium Blend 2G Disposable Vape. This product features adjustable airflow, a two-click preheat feature, and 12 delectable flavors to choose from. A precise blend of Delta-8 THC, Delta-11, THC-P, HHC and HHC-P, expertly formulated with natural Terpenes, offers an unparalleled flavor sensation. Enjoy a convenient, flavor-filled experience with this disposable vape.
    Butter OG THC-A Cartridge 1G - Berry Kush

    Butter OG THC-A Cartridge 1G - Pack of 10

    Experience an exceptional vaping experience with Butter OG's premium line of THCa cartridges, made with the highest quality ingredients and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques for unparalleled enjoyment. Our pure and potent THCa extracts are carefully extracted for maximum purity and potency, delivering a smooth and flavorful vaping experience that sets a new standard. Free from Delta 9 THC, our cartridges ensure that you can enjoy the full benefits of THCa without any unwanted side effects.
    Grape Runtz 1G THC-A Diamond Sauce

    Delta Munchies Live Resin THC-A Diamond Sauce Dab 1G - Pack of 10

    Experience the power of Delta Munchies Live Resin THC-A dab by treating yourself to 1 gram of frozen plant extracts that lock in valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
    FullSend Delta 8 Canna Gummies 500mg BLUE RAZZ

    FullSend Delta 8 Canna Gummies 500mg - Pack of 5

    Experience the powerful effects of Delta 8 THC with FullSend's Canna Gummies 500mg. Each delicious gummy contains a precise amount of THC for a consistent, reliable experience. With 9 tantalizing flavors, these gummies offer the perfect euphoric escape.
    Lil Ripper THCA Joint Jealousy

    Cali Fields Lil Ripper THCA Pre-Roll 1G (12 Pack)

    Cali Fields' THCa prerolls are made from premium USA-grown hemp-derived CBD flower infused with flavorful terpenes and pure THCa isolate. Quality is never compromised, and each 1g preroll is packaged in a protective plastic casing for safe shipping.
    Cali Fields THCA Jealousy

    Cali Fields THCA Premium Flower 3.5G

    Cali Fields offers premium indoor hemp flower packed with flavor and potency. Each 3.5g resealable glass jar contains USA-grown hemp flower combined with potent THCa and flavor-rich terpenes that are sure to impress even the most discerning THC connoisseurs. With six classic cannabis strain profiles to choose from, Cali Fields ensures that their premium hemp flower is grown indoors, hand-trimmed, and boasts a high THCa content level of over 22%.
    FullSend Delta 9 Canna Gummies 500mg BLACK CHERRY

    FullSend Delta 9 Canna Gummies 500mg - Pack of 5

    Shock your taste buds with a blast of deliciousness! FullSend Delta 9 Canna Gummies give you an out-of-this-world experience with every bite, thanks to their 500mg of hemp-derived delta-9. Enjoy the psychedelic and euphoric vibes from the 4 awesome flavors; Black Cherry, Creamsicle, Lemon & Starfruit. Every pack has 15 gummies, ready to rocket you off to a sweet and tasty journey!
    Torch Burnout Blend Disposable Vape 3.5G - Blue Dream (Sativa)

    Torch Burnout Blend Disposable Vape 3.5G - Pack of 5

    Experience the hemp industries gold standard with Torch's Burnout Blend Disposable Vape. This disposable features 3.5 grams of proprietary blend of THC-M, THC-A, and THC-P, expertly complemented by strain-specific terpenes for an optimal flavor and potency. Get ready for an unparalleled smoking experience.
    Cutleaf THC-A Pre Rolls 2G - Banana OG (Indica)

    Cutleaf THC-A Pre Rolls 2G - Pack of 10

    Try the Cutleaf THC-A Pre Rolls! They consist of 2 grams of California-grown hydroponic indoor THC-A hemp flower infused with strain-specific live resin terpenes and wrapped in unbleached rolling papers. This unique combination provides an excellent taste and enhances the therapeutic effects of the hemp flower.
    Apple Jack Slushy Juice Vape

    Delta Munchies Slushy Juice Live Resin Disposable 4G - Pack of 5

    With Delta Munchies Slushy Juice disposable, you can taste the unparalleled combination of genuine live resin and THC-P from freshly-harvested frozen plants, providing an unparalleled cannabis experience that's 10x stronger, smoother, and with richer tastes!
    $81.00 $75.00
    FullSend Delta 8 Canna Gummies 40/Jar -  Original Flavors

    FullSend Delta 8 Canna Gummies 3pk - Jar of 40

    Say goodbye to the days of feeling unsure of your dosage-- with FullSend's Canna Gummies, you can confidently indulge in the powerful experience of Delta 8 THC, with each tantalizingly delicious gummy packing a consistent, reliable punch. Boasting an impressive nine flavors and 100mg's of Delta 8 THC per pouch, a little bit of these bad boys goes a looong way. YUM!
    $100.00 $90.00
    Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable Vape 3.5G - Blackberry Blast (Sativa)

    Torch Burnout Blend Black Series Disposable Vape 3.5G - Pack of 5

    The Torch Disposable - Burnout Blend is pre-filled with a proprietary blend of cannabinoids sourced from hemp that contains THCm, THCa, and THCp. This optimal blend of compounds can help you relax while providing a stimulating effect. Crafted with 100% US-grown hemp extract, this disposable vape has been rigorously third-party tested to ensure it meets the highest quality and safety standards.
    Kik Liquid Diamond Disposable 2G - Afghan Kush (Indica)

    Kalibloom Kik Liquid Diamond Disposable 2G - Pack of 5

    Introducing the latest Kik 2000mg disposable by Kalibloom, the Liquid Diamond. Formulated with a blend of THCA, HHCP, and THCP cannabinoids, this product is ideal for providing relief from chronic pain and anxiety symptoms. Proven efficacy makes this disposable a sure winner. This disposable provides powerful effects within minutes of use, and the convenience of a disposable means you can use it when and where you need it without any hassle. The Kalibloom Kik Liquid Diamond Disposable has brought ease and accessibility into the cannabis industry.
    ELF THC D8 + THCP Gummy Bears Edibles

    ELF THC Delta 8 + THCP Edibles 1000mg - Pack of 7

    Take a look at the Elf THC Delta 8 THCP Candies. Each candy contains 50mg of delta 8 and THC P cannabinoids, and the pack offers 20 candies, totaling 1000mg. These gluten-free and vegan candies pack a punch of flavor and power, creating a balanced and euphoric experience.
    GreenPost Afghani Maple

    GreenPost THCA Mini Pre-Rolls 5ct

    Embark on a journey of elevated smoking experiences with GreenPost CBD's exceptional selection of premium THCA Pre Rolls. Elevate your senses and indulge in the unparalleled quality of lab-tested pre rolls that promise a diverse range of flavors and effects. Our meticulously crafted pre rolls are designed to deliver unique taste profiles that cater to various preferences, ensuring that every puff is a delightful and distinctive experience. Shop now to explore the world of GreenPost CBD's top-tier THCA Pre Rolls and elevate your smoking ritual to new heights.
    Berry Marmalade Infused PreRolls

    Delta Munchies THC-A Double Doinks Pre Rolls 3G - Pack of 5

    Discover Delta Munchies' Double Doinks THC-A Pre Rolls, with 3 grams of premium hemp flower separated into two pre rolls, each coated with a generous layer of THC-A diamonds and then sprinkled with kief.
    THCP Moon Rock Joint (2g) – Blue Alien (Indica)

    Moon Men THCP Moon Rocks Joints 2G - Pack of 12

    Experience a higher level of relaxation with our ultra-potent Moon Men THCP pre-rolls. The precise blend of high-THCP content, cannabinoids, Delta-8 THC, THC-O Acetate, and HHC are all hand-dipped for a smoother smoking experience. Take off and enjoy better results in the air with Moon Men THCP Joints.

    Xite Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Minis 30mg - Jar of 70

    Try these silky Milk Chocolate Minis with a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. They’re all natural with no artificial flavors or preservatives. Each mini has 15mg Delta 9 THC and 15mg Full Spectrum CBD for a total of 30mg. They’re small and perfect for on-the-go snacking!
    Big Ripper THCA Blunts King Louis XIII

    Cali Fields Big Ripper THCA Blunt Pre-Rolls 1.5G - Pack of 10

    Cali Fields' THCa pre-rolled blunts are expertly crafted from the finest USA-grown hemp-derived CBD flower, infused with flavorful terpenes and pure THCa isolate. We take great pride in delivering uncompromised quality, and each 1.5g blunt is thoughtfully packaged in a protective plastic casing for safe shipping. You can trust that every puff of our pre-rolls will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting more.
    Cookies D8 3g Disposable Fish Scale

    Cookies Delta 8 Disposable 3G - Pack of 6

    Introducing the Cookies Delta 8 Disposable - a premium product that guarantees 3 grams of delta 8 cannabinoids paired with terpenes to create a rich and full-bodied vaping experience. The unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes not only offers a delicious taste but also uplifts your senses, leaving you with a feeling of relaxation and calmness.
    ELF THC 5000 Hawaiian Sexpot Gelato

    ELF THC Telerin Blend Disposable 5G - Pack of 5

    The ELF THC Telerin Blend 5G Disposable offers the ultimate cannabis experience. This one-of-a-kind blend combines Delta 8's euphoric effects, Delta 10's uplifting energy, and Delta 11's mind-bending properties, with the added potency of THCP.
    SMAKD D8 Gummies Berry Blast

    Smak'd Delta 8 Infused Gummies 500mg - Pack of 30

    Indulge in the intense potency of Smak'd D8 Infused Gummies, with a whopping 250mg per gummy, making a total of 500mg per pack! Satisfy your taste buds with three different flavors to choose from. Don't settle for less, experience the power-packed and luscious gummies from Smak'd today!
    ELFTHC 5000 OG Blueberry Marshmallow

    ELF THC Noldor Blend Disposable 5G - Pack of 5

    Introducing the Elf THC Noldor Blend Disposable - the perfect choice for those who want to experience the benefits of delta-8, THC-P, THC-H, THC-V, and THC-B all in one disposable. This vape is packed with 5 grams of premium-quality cannabis compounds, including rare cannabinoids that are difficult to find in other THC disposables.
    THCA Moon Rocks Joints 2G - Pluto (Indica)

    Moon Men THCA Moon Rocks Joints 2G - Pack of 12

    Moon Men THCA strains: Pluto (Indica), Snowman (Hybrid), Star Dawg (Sativa)
    SMAKD exotic blend Berry Blast

    Smak'd Exotic Blend Infused Gummies 1000mg - Pack of 30

    Smak'd THC Gummies blend Delta 8 THC, HHC, and CBN extracts for a happy, relaxing experience. Each 1000MG bag has two 500MG gummies, perfect for new and experienced users. Enjoy the consistent, flavorful journey of these meticulously crafted treats.
    ELFTHC 5000 Purple Panty Dropper

    ELF THC Eldarin Blend Disposable 5G - Pack of 5

    Experience a unique blend of the highest quality Delta-8 THC infused with Live Resin cannabinoids in the Elf THC Eldarin Blend Disposables. The perfect combination of industry standard and artisan quality makes these disposable pens the go-to for anyone looking to elevate their THC experience. With three mouth-watering strains to choose from, it's time to indulge in something truly special.
    SMAKD Funkd Blend Grape

    Smak'd Mushroom Fukd Blend Gummies 1000mg - Pack of 30

    The Fukd blend contains Delta-8 THC, HHC, and a combination of three types of mushrooms - Muscaria, Regalis, and Panterina. Together, these ingredients create a unique blend with various benefits and effects.
    ELFTHC 5000 Sweet Pink Grapefruit

    ELF THC Avarin Blend Disposable 5G - Pack of 5

    ELF THC Avarin Blend 5G disposable vape is a sleek and innovative design by ELF Bar that brings together HHC and HHCP to enhance your euphoric experience.
    Delta 8 Moon Rock Joint Alien Cookies Indica (2g)

    Moon Men Delta 8 Moon Rocks Joints 2G - Pack of 12

    Experience the calming effects of Delta 8 Moon Rocks with Moon Men Pre-Rolled Joints. Carefully crafted with 2 grams each and 12ct display, this product is sure to provide the effects you're looking for. Enjoy the calming effects of Delta 8 Moon Rocks in a pre-rolled form with these Moon Men Delta 8 Moon Rocks Joints.
    $38.00 $36.00
    HHC Moon Rock Joint (2g) – Pluto (Indica)

    Moon Men HHC Moon Rocks Joints 2G - Pack of 12

    Experience an intensified smoking session with these 2g HHC Pre Rolls infused with moonrock, adorned with HHC distillate and coated in CBG kief for maximum effect!
    Kik Zombie Blend Disposable 4.2G - Clementine

    Kalibloom Kik Zombie Blend THCA Live Resin Disposable 4.2G - Pack of 5

    Discover the Kalibloom Zombie Live Resin THC-A Liquid Diamond Blend Disposable. This brand-new device features an LED battery indicator, adjustable voltage, and preheat capability, packed with 4.2 grams of THCH, THCP, HHCP, and THCA.

    Cali Fields THC-A Vape Cartridge 1G - Pack of 10

    Enjoy a smooth, flavorful hit with Cali Fields's new 1-gram THCa vape cartridge. Featuring a 510 thread, it's compatible with most standard vape batteries for easy use.
    Delta 8 Indoor Flower (3.5g) – Gary Payton (Hybrid)

    Moon Men Delta 8 Indoor Flower 3.5G - Pack of 8

    Experience the great indoors with this potent CBD and Delta 8 THC flower. Smoke it, cook with it, or indulge any way you like for therapeutic & psychotropic effects. Rediscover peace of mind and body relaxation.
    Tyson 2.0 Shorties Delta 8 Pre-Rolls 10ct - Blue Dream

    Tyson 2.0 Shorties Delta 8 Pre-Rolls 10ct - Pack of 10

    Experience a truly effortless way to get the smoking pleasure you're after with Tyson 2.0 Shorties Delta 8 Pre-Rolls. They're mini prerolls packed with a euphoria-inducing combination of hemp-derived premium cannabis flower and your favorite cannabinoids – so you can light up and enjoy, quick as a flash!
    Picture of Cali Fields Lil Ripper THCA Pre-Roll 1G - Jar of 50

    Cali Fields Lil Ripper THCA Pre-Roll 1G - Jar of 50

    Craving a seriously good smoke? Look no further than Cali Fields Lil Rippers. These pre-rolled joints are packed with top-shelf California flowers and hand-rolled to perfection for a smooth, even burn.
    Cosmic Cookie

    Delta Munchies THC-A Diamond Infused Pre Rolls 5pk - Box of 10

    Indulge in 10 packs of Delta Munchies THCA Infused Pre-Rolls. Each pack features 5 premium joints bursting with top-shelf flower & potent THCA diamonds. Convenience meets potency - perfect smoke, every time.

    Imperial 2G THCA Loaded Pre-Rolls - Pack of 10

    Unleash the potential of premium hemp with Imperial's 2-gram THCA Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls. Packed with 1.5g of fresh, top-shelf flower and a potent dose of 0.5g pure THCA diamonds, these prerolls deliver an unmatched smoking experience.
    SendITCanna Delta 8 Extreme 3000MG Cotton Candy Gummies

    Full Send Delta-8 Extreme Gummies 3000mg - Pack of 5

    Feeling daring? Take it to the extreme! Our Full Send Delta-8 Extreme Gummies come loaded with 100mg of DELTA-8 THC per piece. Flavors include Chili Mango, Cotton Candy, Kiwi, and Pina Colada - four tantalizing options sure to tantalize your taste buds.
    Xite D9 MILK CHOCOLATE BAR 300mg

    Xite Delta 9 Milk Chocolate Bars 300mg - Pack of 8

    Xite's Milk Chocolate Bars are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. They're all-natural, with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. With a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, each 300mg bar is sure to provide a balanced blend of these two compounds. If you've tried Xite chocolate minis, you'll love these bars - they're the same great formula but in a larger size.
    FullSend OFF SPEC Gummies Cotton Candy

    FullSend OFF SPEC Gummies 500mg - Pack of 5

    Experience the best of Hemp with Full Send Off Spec Gummies! Infused with 500mg of potent hemp distillate and enhanced with compounds designed to promote the entourage effect, these tasty 35mg gummies are the perfect treat to enjoy the subtle yet powerful effects of Off-Spectrum hemp. Expect an uplifting mood, relaxation, improved focus, and pain relief - all without the overwhelming paranoia of traditional delta-9 THC. Get ready to "send" yourself off to hemp heaven!

    Xite Delta 9 Peanut Butter Nuggets 30mg - Jar of 70

    These Peanut Butter Nuggets are created using all-natural peanut butter and milk chocolate, making them a delectable and unique treat. They are super healthy with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The nuggets contain 30mg of both CBD and THC in a 1:1 ratio and are perfect for snacking on-the-go.
    Fire Chili Bites Live Resin D9 Mango

    Fire Chili Bites Live Resin Delta 9 THCP THCA Gummies 3000MG - Pack of 10

    Discover the exciting tajin and chamoy flavor of Chili Bites Live Resin Infused Edible Gummies! Each 300MG gummy features an all-natural blend of Delta 9 THC, THC-A and THC-P, plus terpenes for additional health benefits.

    Tyson 2.0 Mike Bites Delta 8 Gummies 500mg - Pack of 10

    Treat your taste buds - and your mind - to a seriously sweet experience with Tyson 2.0 Mike Bites Delta 8 Gummies! These delightfully ear-shaped adult gummies are packed with 500mg of Delta 8, giving you a delicious snack that packs a punch.

    Tyson 2.0 Mike Bites Delta 9 Gummies 200mg - Pack of 10

    Mike Tyson fans rejoice! Tyson 2.0 Delta 9 Mike Bites Gummies are here and they pack a 200mg punch of cannabis-infused goodness. Let the champ's ear-biting legacy live on with these delicious ear-shaped gummies - the perfect snack to satisfy your cannabis cravings. We cannot wait for you to munch on the infamous Holyfield ear. each containing a unique combo of Delta 9 and CBD that'll leave you feeling totally relaxed with a delicious lingering aftertaste
    SMAKD 5000mg Berry Blast

    Smak'd Exotic Blend Infused Gummies 5000mg - Pack of 6

    Looking for a tasty and relaxing experience? Smak'd THC Gummies have got you covered! These gummies are made with a blend of extracts that will help you unwind and feel happy. Each bag contains 20 gummies, each one with 250MG of extract, making it easy for new and experienced users to enjoy. These treats are made with care and come in a variety of delicious flavors. Enjoy the journey and take a break from your busy day!
    SMAKD 10000mg Berry Blast

    Smak'd Exotic Blend Infused Gummies 10000mg - Pack of 6

    Smak'd THC Gummies are a type of candy that can help you feel happy and relaxed. They are made with special extracts called Delta 8 THC, HHC, and CBN. Each bag of these gummies contains 20 individual pieces that are 500MG each, which is perfect whether you're new to using them or have some experience. These gummies are crafted with care to ensure that you get a consistent and tasty experience every time you try them.
    Space Gods Gummies Citrus Punch

    Space Gods Mega Dose THC + CBD Space Gummies 900mg - Pack of 10

    Each Space Gods Mega Dose Gummy packs a galactic punch of 30mg THC and 30mg CBD, perfectly balanced like starlight and nebulae. Dive into 7 out-of-this-world flavors and let your taste buds explore the cosmos. With 15 gummies per bag (900mg total), prepare for an odyssey of relaxation and euphoria. So buckle up, space voyager, and experience the wonders of the Space Gods.
    Recharge Cannabis Delta 8 Cookies & Cream

    Recharge Cannabis Delta 8 THC Chocolate 400MG - Pack of 5

    Indulge your taste buds with the extraordinary flavor of the Recharge Cannabis Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar. At 400mg, there’s plenty of the world-renowned cannabinoid to give you that buzz you’re looking for. And even better, you can pick from five unique flavors such as Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate M&M, Snickers Milk Chocolate and the reliable Milk Chocolate. Enjoy the perfect balance of taste and buzz with Recharge Cannabis.
    Purple Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies 3000mg - Blue Razz

    Purple Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies 3000mg - Pack of 10

    Purple Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies deliver a potent combination of Ibotenic acid and Amanita Complex for a one of a kind experience. Each gummy pouch provides 5 gummy pieces at 600mg amanita complex for every gummy and is manufactured using vegan and gluten-free components. The total active compound in each mushroom gummy pouch is 3000mg, providing users with a potential for euphoria, body tingling, relaxation, intensified focus, and elevated creativity.
    Purple Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies 1200mg - Blue Razz

    Purple Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies 1200mg - Pack of 20

    Purple Magic Amanita Mushroom Gummies offer a unique combo of Ibotenic acid and Amanita Complex - two gummies per pack, each at 600mg of amanita complex, made with vegan and gluten-free ingredients. Boasting a total of 1200mg of active compounds, these gummies may induce a state of euphoria, tingles, chill-vibes, focused mental clarity, and inspired creativity!
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