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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Delta-8 THC?

    Delta-8 THC is an organic cannabinoid compound of the cannabis plant. Comparable in molecular structure to psychoactive Delta-9 THC, it has a lower potency, producing a peaceful, alert, and creative experience without the sedative or anxious effects.

    Is Delta-8 THC legal?

    Yes! Delta-8 THC is legally compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and was supported by a ruling from the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, since it is sourced from hemp with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

    Do I need a medical prescription in order to purchase Delta-8 or other THC products?

    No, however, laws relating to Delta-8 THC and hemp vary by state, so it is advisable to research the regulations of one's state.

    Are there any age restrictions for purchasing Delta-8 THC or other THC products?

    Individuals must be 21 or older to purchase or consume any hemp or THC product.

    How is Delta-8 THC created?

    Delta-8 THC is a distinct isomer of the more common Delta-9 THC. Its presence in natural cannabis is scarce and most Delta-8 is created synthetically by altering CBD or Delta-9 through isomerization. This process carefully extracts the desired Delta-8 THC from the plant, ensuring it remains pure and potent, with all of the therapeutic benefits intact.

    Our selection of Delta-8 and other THC products contains less than 0.3% THC, and is derived from US-grown hemp that meets legal standards.

    Is Delta-8 THC safe?

    Yes! We prioritize your safety by carrying only superior quality Delta-8 and THC products with premium ingredients.

    Additionally, all of the products we offer are vetted by an independent, third-party laboratory and are manufactured in a GMP/ISO-certified facility to assure adherence to our strict safety criteria. You can view our products lab results here.

    Will I fail a drug test?

    Yes, a regular urine test cannot distinguish Delta-8 THC from Delta-9 THC. Therefore, for those needing to pass a drug test, it is recommended to avoid any products containing THC.

    Are there any other factors I should be concerned about?

    Online Warehouse is a registered retailer, ensuring you high-quality and reliable products. For your safety, it is always best to shop for any hemp product at a reputable store.

    When will my order ship?

    Please allow 1 business day for shipping. Any domestic order placed in the U.S. will have a flat rate for its shipping cost.

    Can you ship to my state?

    Online Warehouse follows all federal and state laws, so we may not be able to ship to your state depending on its laws.

    Delta-8 THC is currently illegal in the following states:

    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • Colorado
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Idaho
    • Iowa
    • Michigan
    • Mississippi
    • Montana
    • North Dakota
    • Rhode Island
    • Utah
    • Vermont
    • Washington

    Quality Assurance

    Are your Delta-8 THC Cartridges safe?

    Yes. Our Delta-8 vape cartridges are manufactured individually to better monitor their quality and avoid contamination and defects.

    Are your Delta-8 THC Gummies safe?

    Of course! Made in a GMP/ISO-certified facility, our Delta-8 THC-infused gummies use the highest quality ingredients found in the United States.

    What battery would you recommend for enjoying a Delta-8 THC vape cartridge?

    The type of vape pen battery you choose can vary widely depending on your needs as a user.

    How do I recharge my disposable vape pen?

    To recharge a disposable vape pen, you can use any compatible Micro-USB cable (not included). Please keep in mind that our disposables are NOT meant to be refilled.

    How will my products be shipped?

    Your order arrives via USPS, typically within three to seven business days. Included with your order is a copy of the product’s certificate of analysis (COA), detailing exactly what you’re getting in each package.

    What is a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

    Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a lab report from an accredited laboratory that details the number of various cannabinoids and other substances that are found in a product.

    Cannabinoid Potency

    The cannabinoid profile is the primary way to ensure a product’s purity and potency by measuring the active cannabinoids in a sample.

    Terpene Profile

    Terpenes are the aromatic elements found in hemp plants that give them their distinctive scents and flavors. Terpenes can affect the type of “high” you feel.


    This measures the safety of the product, testing if the sample contains harmful contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, microbial life, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

    How do I read the lab reports (COAs)?

    When reading a "COA", there are three main factors you should look for:

    1. The THC (Delta-9) content should be less than 0.3%, the legal maximum.
    2. The total Delta-8 THC or HHC should be within 20% of the advertised amount.
    3. The completed product should be free of pollutants such as heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides.
    How are your products tested?

    Our Delta-8 products have undergone third-party laboratory testing for cannabinoid potency and terpene profiling, ensuring that they are free of contaminants, including heavy metals, bacteria, microbial life, mycotoxins and pesticides.
    View our third-party lab results here.


    Delta-8 Disposables FAQ's

    Can you refill a disposable vape device?

    Unfortunately, our disposable devices cannot be refilled. For your own safety, please do not try to open the device, as it is meant to be a single-use experience.

    How many puffs can I get off a disposable vape device?

    Standing at 800mg of Delta-8 THC, our disposable devices offer the average user about 500 puffs. Keep in mind that the intensity with which you’re inhaling may cause a variance in the number of puffs.

    How can I tell if the device is empty?

    If you’re taking a hit and nothing’s coming out, chances are your device is empty. Before heading over to restock on another, though, make sure to check that the device is fully charged.

    How should I store the device when not in use?

    When not using your disposable vape pen, make sure it’s stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and dramatic temperature changes.

    How do you enjoy a Delta-8 disposable device?

    Our Delta-8 disposable devices can be enjoyed much like any other vape. Since they’re an all-in-one system, simply remove the device from its packaging and inhale away! Increase your dose by taking more hits to achieve the desired psychoactive experience.


    HHC Disposables FAQ's

    What is HHC?

    HHC, or hexa hydrocannabinol, is a naturally-occurring minor cannabinoid that is a hydrogenated form of THC.

    Is HHC legal?

    The 2018 Farm Bill effectively legalized all hemp-derived cannabinoids and byproducts. Therefore, on a federal level, HHC is legal. This legality varies from state to state, so please double check your home state’s regulations.

    How is the HHC high different from a Delta-8 high?

    HHC typically produces a more mild, cerebral high compared to Delta-8 or Delta-9 THC. Many users compare it to the effects of a Delta-9 sativa strain. Delta-8 THC, in comparison, offers a more relaxed physical high, similar in some ways to an indica.

    That being said, everyone processes cannabinoids differently, so your unique experience may be different from those of other users!

    Will HHC show up on a drug test?

    Though further research is ongoing, initial evidence suggests HHC does not degenerate into 11-hydroxy-THC like the majority of THC compounds. Thus, the possible outcome of a standard drug test after using HHC is yet to be established.
    Given the lack of information available, individuals who are regularly tested for drugs should not use our HHC disposable vapes for safety purposes.


    Still Have Questions?

    We’re here to help! Our team is made up of cannabis industry enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of processing, distribution, and the effects of cannabinoids like Delta-8 and other THC products. Check out our our blog or feel free to contact us for more information!