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    Elf Bar BC5000: How to Avoid Counterfeit Vapes

    Elf Bar BC5000: How to Avoid Counterfeit Vapes

    Is Your Elf Bar BC5000 Real or Fake?

    We wish we didn’t feel the need to post this topic at Online Warehouse. However, because we are committed to the success of the reputable smoke and vape shops we serve and because we know that these vape and smoke shops are equally committed to the well-being of their valued customers – here we go.

    It's time to talk about the influx of fake vapes flooding the market, most specifically the boost in fake BC5000 vapes from Elf Bar. The disposable vape industry seems just as susceptible to fraud as many others – fashion, technology, you name it, and the Elf Bar BC5000 is a prime target because of its wide popularity.

    What’s not to love about the BC5000? It comes in more crazy flavors than you can count – from Beach Day to Cuba Cigar to Watermelon Jolly Candy Ice. The sleek design makes it easy to carry, and the dual coil technology makes those puffs ultra-smooth.

    Frankly, it’s no surprise that some unscrupulous jerks have decided to produce fake BC5000 disposable vapes. But you need to remember that fake vapes are very different from fake handbags. A phony disposable means you’re breathing in vapor that has never been FDA-approved or vetted. When you go with a fake disposable, you have no idea precisely what you’re putting into your body or how it will impact your health. We think that’s scary at Online Warehouse, so we’re out to help you identify and avoid counterfeit BC5000 disposables.

    How to spot a fake Elf Bar or EB Design BC5000

    You’re not alone in your concern for finding the real thing. As a company, Elf Bar has made it a mission to help its customers avoid purchasing fake vapes with a few sneaky tricks of their own.

    1. Scan the QR Code on the box

    All Elf Bar or EB Design BC5000 packaging has a QR Code. FYI, you've been duped if you don’t spot a QR code on the package! If you see it, however, scan the code, and it will take you directly to the Elf Bar Verification Page online, where you’ll find a box to enter a secret verification code. What’s cool is that if you scan an authentic BC5000, your secret code will autofill, so you don’t have to worry about entering anything. Next, press the “verify” button, and you’re all set. You should get a message that your code is correct and you have an authentic Elf Bar BC5000 disposable vape.

    You can also look for the “authentication label” on the packaging, which works like a scratch-off lottery ticket. Scratch away, and your authentication code should be underneath. Then, go to the Elf Bar verification page and enter the code. Again, you’ll get a thumbs up if your BC5000 is the real thing.

    1. Look for the anti-counterfeit holographic sticker

    Elf Bar BC5000 boxes also are made with holographic stickers that contain some very hard-to-counterfeit properties, including:

    • An intricate and delicate pattern that is hard to replicate accurately
    • Hidden placement of Elf Bar name that is only visible under fluorescent light.
    • Anti-stripping design, so stickers cannot be removed and placed on fake boxes
    • Holographic laser security thread that is next to impossible to replicate
    • Micro text that you may have to look hard for but also hard to copy.
    1. Check the flavor profile

    BC5000 disposable vapes come in many flavors – but not every flavor. If you spot a flavor that looks unfamiliar – go to the website to see if there is truly a BC5000 available in that flavor. If not, you have a fake disposable. Also, counterfeit products might taste stronger or weaker than you’re accustomed to with genuine Elf Bar BC5000 vapes. If something feels off, you might be dealing with a counterfeit disposable.

    What do you do if you discover a fake Elf Bar?

    The first and most important thing to do is to immediately stop using the fake EB5000. Please don't shrug it off as unimportant. Stop right away; it’s your health that is at stake. In fact, you might want to snap a few photos with your phone showing the fake vape and, perhaps, highlighting any signs on it that led you to believe it was fake in the first place.

    You should log where you purchased the fake vape in order to identify potential wrongdoers and protect others from being victims.

    If you want to go deeper, you can also report a fake Elf Bar vape on their website. They’ll surely have some questions for you and probably a few good tips on how to avoid the problem in the future. They might even ask you to send them the device so they can test it.

    How to avoid fake Elf Bar vapes

    This one is easy to do, and it’s what you should do whether you’re purchasing a disposable vape, vape cartridge, THC vape, edibles, or anything else you’re putting into your body.

    Always purchase from a reputable and licensed vape or smoke shop. Your chances of running into counterfeit vape from these stores are slim as they almost always purchase their inventories directly from manufacturers or leading vape wholesale companies like Online Warehouse.

    To put it bluntly, it sucks that there are phony disposables on the market. But they do exist and knowing what to look for and how to wisely purchase your BC 5000 or any other vape goes a long way to helping you avoid the problem.


    We hope you found this post helpful. Check back for more topics coming soon. At Online Warehouse, we’re committed to keeping vape and smoke shop owners and their customers informed with regular updates about disposable vapes, hemp-based vapes, edibles, flower, pre-rolled joints, and other products.

    Be safe.

    Online Warehouse is a wholesale vape distributor offering a complete selection of disposable vapes, delta 8 vapes and edibles, THC vapes, rolling papers, pre-roll cones and smoke and vape shop accessories. Enjoy great service, guaranteed quality, and wholesale prices with every smoke or vape shop order. To explore our entire selection, visit onlinewarehouse.com.

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