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    Cannabinoid Strains and Their Effects

    Cannabinoid Strains and Their Effects

    Do Different Marijuana Strains Cause Different Highs

    The world of weed has grown pretty darn complicated in the past few decades. In fact, it can be difficult to wrap your head around all the various cannabinoids, strains, and hybrids on the market today, let alone the different types of highs each one might deliver.

    In this post, we’ll try to shed a little light on the basics of weed and hemp-derived cannabinoids, highlighting some of the more popular strains and what users can expect to feel the next time they roll a blunt or puff on a vape.

    The Two Primary Types of Highs

    Like we said, there are countless different highs available today, but the two categories most often used to describe them are – head highs (or mind highs) and body highs.

    What’s a Head High?

    A head high is used to describe the effect of a cannabis strain or product that provides a relatively intense psychoactive reaction. It might heighten focus or elevate creativity. A good mind high can causes a person to feel extremely energized, alert, or motivated to complete a specific task at hand. It can cause a person to become highly conversational and interested in learning about others.

    What is a Body High?

    A body high tends to be more of a physical sensation than a mental response. A body high is distinguished by an extreme sense of relaxation. Tight muscles gradually loosen into butter. Pain is alleviated. That anxiety you hold in the body after a long and strenuous day seems to melt away. Feelings of relaxation are often accompanied by feelings of overall euphoria.

    Different Strains for Different Gains

    A cannabinoid high is not a cut and dry experience. There’s a lot of gray area when it comes to weed. For instance, a certain amount of body relaxation and euphoria often occurs with a head high, and some creative inspiration and heightened focus will often accompany a body high.

    Still, certain strains of weed and cannabis tend to deliver a predominant and specific type of high. There are two popular strains and some hybrids we recommend to cannabinoid users that smoke shop owners can also recommend to their customers.

    Sativa – The Energized, Uplifting High

    Sativa is known primarily for delivering an outstanding head high and is a popular choice for those looking to fuel creative thinking or find fresh perspectives on work or personal situations. Sativa is a strain that stimulates the mind in ways that can be very productive when harnessed correctly. You’ll find Sativa in vape form, like the Butter OG Delta 8 Vape Cartridge, as well as in pre-rolls and flower.

    Indica – It’s Time to Relax

    Indica is a strain that delivers a deep body and mind relaxation, often accompanied by a powerful euphoric sensation. Classic indica strains include Purple Kush known for its calming and, yet, refreshing high, as well as a number of other varieties. You’ll find indica in popular products like Moon Men Delta 8 Moon Rocks Pre-Rolled Joints and Delta 8 Greenhouse Flower.

    Hybrids – Put Together for a Great High

    There are hybrid products on the market that blend both Indica and Sativa stains. They also often unite different hemp-derived cannabis, such as D8, D11, TCHP and HHCP into one product like Butter OG’s Premium Blend disposable vape. Hybrids can often be more potent than individual strains and can also have some crossover when it comes to effects. For this reason, they have quickly become a smoke and vape shop favorite.

    Which Strain is Right for You?

    It all depends on what you hope to gain. Are you looking for a burst of energy or some creative inspiration? Or are you looking to simply wash away the day and unwind with a relaxing high? Whatever works best for you is the right strain. It may take some experimenting to find it. You may also prefer different strains under different circumstances or at different times of day. One thing we recommend to all users is to start slowly and gradually increase your intake. We’re all different and we all have different tolerances. You can always smoke a little more, but you can’t smoke a little less.


    We hope you found this post informative and insightful. Stay tuned for more posts from Online Warehouse coming soon.

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