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    Best EB Design Vape Flavors

    Best EB Design Vape Flavors

    Best Elf Bar/EB Design Disposable Vape Flavors


    First Things First: The Name Change

    Just a few months ago, in March of 2023, Elf Bar, one of the most popular disposable vape brands on the market, officially changed its name to EB Design. Why did Elf Bar change its name? Well, that’s a long story that involves a complicated trademark dispute with another U.S. based company, and frankly, it’s not what we’re interested in or qualified enough to detail in this post. Got questions? Go ask a lawyer friend – we’ve all got one.

    However, it is worth pointing out that the Elf Bar brand of disposable vapes will still be available outside of the United States. The trademark issue only impacts disposables sold within the USA. Still, for vape fans and vape shops in the states, the name change marks big news and comes with an understandable bit of confusion.


    Don’t Worry, They’re Still the Same Great Vapes

    The most important thing to know about Elf Bar vapes turned ED Design disposable vapes is that the only thing that’s changed is the name printed on that easy-to-grip vape. What’s inside is exactly the same, including the ultra-smooth 5% salt nicotine e-liquid and dual coil technology that have made these disposable vapes a benchmark in vape and smoke shops around the world.

    You know what else hasn’t changed? The crazy EB Design vape flavors that are sure kick anyone’s vaping game up a notch – especially when it comes to the legendary EB Design BC5000 (formerly Elf Bar BC5000) family of disposable vapes.

    These vapes pack 5000 flavorful puffs into each unit. If you ask us, the only hard part is deciding which flavor to try? So, to help here are some of our EB Design BC5000 top picks for your vaping pleasure.


    Top 10 EB Design BC5000 Flavors

    1. Watermelon Ice

    Maybe it’s because summer is kicking into high gear and the days are getting hotter, but nothing beats a refreshing and almost juicy Watermelon Ice puff. Along with a zesty watermelon flavor, EB Design hits you with a cool ice blast on the finishing end. Can’t go wrong with Watermelon Ice.

    1. Miami Mint

    There’s a little bit of South Beach in every puff. Think sipping a tropical Mojito but doing it with an awesomely crisp and minty disposable vape. Feels clean and cool. Tastes great.

    1. Blue Razz Ice

    Now we’re talking a little sweetness meets a little menthol. Blue Razz Ice starts with a sweet blue raspberry hit and then quickly finishes with a chilly menthol sensation. You get the best of both worlds in every puff.

    1. Strawberry Pina Colada

    Want to take off on a quick island vacation with every puff of your EB Design BC5000 disposable vape? This flavor takes you there! First, the strawberry fills you with ripe goodness and then you get a nice coconutty smack on the back end. Don’t worry, vape happy!

    1. Sakura Grape

    This is heralded as one of the most unique EB Design flavors. It combines tart grape flavor (inspired by the Japanese Sakura Grape) with a subtle sweetness that makes this flavor such a popular puff.

    1. Rainbow Candy

    Return to the days of kiddom with this flavor inspired by the sweet candies we all loved. It’s no surprise this is a top seller at EB Design. After all, who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again?

    1. Mango Peach

    This top BC5000 flavor delivers a perfectly balanced blast of smooth mango and tart peach. It’s one of those flavors that never grows old – right down to the last puff.

    1. Triple Berry Ice

    Three flavorful berries – strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry – just weren’t good enough, so EB Design added an Arctic blast of menthol for an extra cool kick in the tastebuds.

    1. Cuba Cigar

    Sometimes you just want a puff to taste like an ultra-smooth smoke. Enough said.

    1. Beach Day

    This vape should be called SPF 5000 because it’s blend of blackcurrant and orange is as chill and relaxing as a sunny day at your favorite beach.

    There you have it! Our top 10 EB Design flavors and a brief explanation of the Elf Bar to EB Design name change, to boot. Stay tuned for more posts from Online Warehouse coming soon.


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