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    Wholesale Smoke Accessories

    Customers who roll their tobacco (or other puffable plants) come to your shop for the right tools to ensure a great experience. Whether it’s the perfect herb grinder, a Blazer torch, lighter, dabber, or rolling tray, Online Warehouse carries a full range of accessories from the top brands in the business, including Dunder Splifflin, Blazer, and Smokebuddy.

    We have the smoke shop accessories your customers want:

    • Torches
    • Weed Grinder
    • Large Herb Grinder
    • Rolling Trays
    • Dabbers
    • Personal Air Filters

    Plus, with bulk torches, wholesale lighters, and volume pricing on stainless steel herb grinders and all our accessories, you pay less for inventory, which means you can make more with every sale! Boost your margins. Satisfy more customers. Grow your business. Try us out as your smoke shop wholesale partner. We’re committed to earning your business every day, and we do it by providing the best products, great pricing, unmatched service, and on-time performance.

    We look forward to wowing you.

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    Wulf Vector Clash Black-White Spatter

    Wulf Mods Vector Clash Torch

    The Wulf Mods Clash Torch is a portable torch that is extremely user-friendly. It comes with an ignition button, a flame height adjuster, and a flame lock button. This powerful torch is capable of blasting over 2800°F and has a customizable height adjustment to quickly produce lower or higher temperature clouds as per your preference.
    Crushers (GR145) 56mm 4-Part Grinder

    Crushers (GR145) 56mm 4-Part Grinder - Display of 6

    The 56mm Crushers Grinder has a smooth matte finish, superior engineering, and meticulously designed teeth that guarantee unmatched consistency and efficiency. Its robust build and user-friendly mechanism make it stand out in grinding devices.
    Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner

    Formula 420 A2 All Natural Glass Cleaner - 16oz

    Introducing Formula 420's 100% all-natural cleaner - perfect for your bong, pipe or piece! The original complete cleaner for Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic. With AbrasivAction technology, there's no need for soaking or scrubbing. Simply shake, rinse, and enjoy a clean piece in just 1 minute!
    Crushers (GR157) 63mm 4-Part Grinder
    Formula 420 Original Glass Cleaner 12oz

    Formula 420 A1 Original Glass Cleaner - 12oz

    Formula 420 quickly and easily cleans Pyrex, glass, metal, quartz, and ceramic in just one minute with AbrasivAction technology. No soaking or scrubbing is required – simply shake, apply, and rinse. Enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling home without the hassle.
    Chromium Crusher 4-Piece 63mm Grinder Blue

    Chromium Crusher 2.5" 4 Part Grinder - Pack of 6

    Looking for a durable yet affordable grinder? The Chromium Crusher 4-piece grinder is a great option. Made from CNC aluminum, it easily grinds herbs evenly and features diamond teeth for toughness. The pollen screen ensures the purest crystals and it's sure to be a hit with your customers.
    Wulf Vector Warhead-Full Color

    Wulf Mods Vector Warhead Torch

    The Wulf Mods Warhead is an exceptional torch designed for experienced dabbers. It has a powerful flame, customizable height adjuster, and ignition hold switch for easy operation. It measures 7.9 inches in height and 4.7 inches in width, making it easy to carry. The torch is available in 9 different colors and designs.
    Formula 420 A3 Daily Use Concentrate 16oz Cleaner

    Formula 420 A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner - 16oz

    Introducing Formula 420 Daily Use Concentrated Cleaner - the best glass cleaner in a 2X concentrated solution. Mix with water for 32 oz of cleaning power. 45% more product, same price as 22oz. Perfect for Pyrex, Glass, Metal, Ceramic, and Quartz surfaces.
    Blazer Big Shot GT 8000 Butane Torch - Black

    Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 Butane Torch

    The Blazer GT8000 Big Shot butane torch is a gas torch featuring a brass frame nozzle and attachable base. Designed for detailed activities such as brazing, plumbing, soldering, jewelry making, and dental and lab applications, it emits a precise flame from the nozzle head, enabling accurate heat application to an object.
    $40.00 $38.00
    Dunder Splifflin Large Green Grinder

    Dunder Splifflin Large 2.5" Grinder

    This Dunder Splifflin 63mm 4-piece metal grinder has a magnetic lid and is perfect for grinding a variety of materials, from peanuts to spices. With its eye-catching green color, this grinder is the perfect gift for any enthusiast. High-end and durable, you can trust it to serve you for years to come.
    Clickit Playing Cards Torch Lighter
    Dunder Splifflin Small Black Grinder

    Dunder Splifflin Small 2" Grinder

    Our 2 inch Dunder Splifflin Grinder is expertly crafted from stronger and more durable materials than competitors. We guarantee it will provide years of economical, reliable grinding. You won't find a more reliable & economical grinder on the market!
    Click it Middle Finger Torch Lighter
    Crushers (GR131) 63mm 4-Part Grinder
    Clickit Gold Bar Lighter

    Clickit Gold Bar Lighter - Display of 20

    Dunder Splifflin Rolling Tray

    Dunder Splifflin Rolling Tray

    Don't Tell Dwight! A perfect rolling tray for whatever "it is" A great gift for any fan of the show and a guaranteed conversation starter!
    Clickit Casino Chips Lighter
    Crushers (GR195) 63mm 4-Part Grinder

    Crushers (GR195) 63mm 4-Part Grinder - Display of 6

    Experience the ultimate in luxury with this 63mm 4-piece Crushers Grinder Display. It features six finely crafted grinders designed for optimal grinding performance for various herbs. The robust construction guarantees durability and longevity, while the lavish designs add a touch of elegance to any collection or display.
    Clickit Pistol Double Torch Lighter
    Crushers (GR211) 63mm 4-Part Grinder

    Crushers (GR211) 63mm 4-Part Grinder - Display of 6

    This set includes six 63mm 4-part grinders that consist of four components and have a diameter of 63mm. The grinders have a unique multi-top design that enhances their overall aesthetic appeal, setting them apart from other grinders. Furthermore, they feature a transparent window at the bottom, which enables you to monitor the progress of your grinding process.
    Crushers (GR241) 63mm 4-Part Grinder

    Crushers (GR241) 63mm 4-Part Grinder - Display of 6

    Discover simplicity with the 63mm Crushers Elementary Grinder 6ct Display. This set of wholesale grinders includes six classic and practical designs, each expertly crafted to grind different herbs. The grinders are built to last and bring timeless charm to any display or collection with their semi-gloss finish.
    Crushers (GR252) 70mm 4-Part Grinder

    Crushers (GR252) 70mm 4-Part Grinder - Display of 6

    Get the perfect grind every time with the 70mm 4 Parts Crushers Matte Finish Leaden Grinder 6ct Display. This wholesale set includes six durable grinders with an elegant leaden design, making grinding and storing easy and efficient.
    Tuff Shredder 4-Piece 60mm Rasta Grinder

    Tuff Shredder 4-Piece 60mm Rasta Grinder - Display of 6

    Get the perfect grinder to add some personality to your smoking routine with the 4-Part Rasta Grinder! Made of high-quality metal, this grinder features sharp teeth that shred buds quickly and efficiently. With a size of 60mm, it comes in bold and vibrant colors. Save every part of your weed, especially the kief, to build a nice stash. Sprinkle it over a joint to take your experience to the next level!
    Tuff Shredder Rasta Grinder 4-Piece 60mm

    Tuff Shredder Rasta Grinder 4-Piece 60mm - Display of 6

    4-Part Rasta Grinder: Unique, durable, and efficient. Perfect for seasoned smokers and beginners alike. 60mm in size with razor-sharp teeth that shred buds quickly and efficiently. Save every bit of your weed, especially the kief, to build a nice stash. Sprinkle it over a joint for an elevated experience!
    Smokebuddy Cares Original Personal Air Filter

    Smokebuddy Original Personal Air Filter

    Say goodbye to smelly smoke, and hello to the Smokebuddy Original! This personal air filter is your key to discreetly enjoying a smoke wherever you want. Just blow through it and odorless air comes out the other end, so you can keep the smell out of sight and out of mind! And with its compact size, you can easily bring it anywhere for a smoke-free lifestyle. No one needs to know!
    Blazer Firefox Butane Refillable Mini Torch - Black

    Blazer Firefox Butane Refillable Mini Torch

    The Blazer Firefox Butane Refillable Mini Torch is a powerful tool that offers a long-lasting 20 minute burn time and an adjustable flame that reaches up to 2500°F. Crafted with Blazer's renowned craftsmanship, its intuitive child-resistant mechanism makes it a safe choice for all users. This mini torch is the perfect size for conveniently packing all the power of a full-sized torch.
    Blazer Big Buddy Butane Refillable Turbo Torch - Black

    Blazer Big Buddy Butane Refillable Turbo Torch

    The Blazer Big Buddy Butane Refillable Turbo Torch is the latest in Blazer's dual-use torch line. Featuring up to 60 minutes of continuous burn time, a 2500°F Turbo flame, and a heat-resistant nozzle, this torch is ideal for industrial and retail hand tool use. Enjoy hands-free work with its detachable base and lightweight, portable design, and depend on Blazer's high-quality manufacturing and attractive finish. Must be filled with butane (sold separately).
    Dunder Splifflin Keychain - Pack of 10
    Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000 - Black & Blue

    Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000

    Experience maximum versatility with the Blazer Big Buddy Flexible Turbo Torch FX-1000. With a powerful 2500F wind-resistant flame, adjustable torch head, and large refillable tank, you can count on reliable heating and soldering performance every time. Perfect for both industrial and home use, try this torch for HVAC work, culinary tasks, or outdoor leisure.
    Dunder Splifflin Clipper Lighters - Pack of 48
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